Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,


aufgrund der Entwicklung der Blauzungen-Situation in Deutschland, haben wir uns – auch in Rücksprache mit den zuständigen Ministerien und Veterinärämtern – entschieden, die für 23./24. März 2019 in Miesbach angesetzte Fleckviehschau abzusagen.

Aus diesem Grund findet auch die gleichzeitig geplante EVF Mitgliederversammlung nicht statt!

Wir suchen einen passenden Ersatztermin im Herbst 2019. Näheres in einigen Wochen.



Dear Madam, dear Sir,


due to the development of the Bluetongue situation in Germany, we see ourselves – also in consultation with the relevant ministries and veterinary offices – forced to cancel the Simmental-Fleckvieh Show on 23./24. March in Miesbach. 

For this reason, the simultaneously planned ESF General Assembly does not take place!

Possible replacement date would be in autumn 2019. Further information will be given in a few weeks.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / with best regards

Hedwig Strobl


Europäische Vereinigung der Fleckviehzüchter 

European Simmental Federation

Senator-Gerauer-Str. 23a

DE-85586 Poing-Grub

Tel: +49 (0)89 / 20 60 312-13

Fax:+49 (0)89 / 20 60 312-11


An alternative date is not fixed yet. An earliest possible date would be in fall 2019.



Absage 8. Deutsche Fleckviehschau



Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,


aufgrund der Entwicklung der BT-Situation seit Jahresbeginn und eines aktuell bestätigten BT-Falles in Baden-Württemberg, der eine Ausweitung des BT-Restriktionsgebietes auf Schwaben und bis ins westliche Franken zur Folge hat, sehen wir uns – auch nach Rücksprache mit dem StMUV und dem zuständigen Veterinäramt in Miesbach – gezwungen, die für 23./24. März 2019 angesetzte Fleckviehschau abzusagen. 


Ein Ersatztermin steht noch nicht fest. Ein frühest möglicher Termin wäre im Herbst 2019.



Mit freundlichen Grüßen

i.A. Fritz Pilsl


Dear friends and colleagues, dear Simmental-Fleckvieh breeders!




It is pleasure and a big honor for the Czech Republic, for all our breeders to host the ESF Council Meeting in conjunction with the meeting of the working group of harmonization of the type classification and the XIV. National show “Day of the Czech Fleckvieh”.

The combination of the events is completely in line with the EVF/WSFF decision: to work more efficiently and combine important national events with the chance to meet the people from many other countries.

I believe, the region of the meeting is a place familiar to the majority of the Fleckvieh breeders around the Europe, hopefully around the globe: the capital of the Fleckvieh breed in the Czech Republic – Radesinska Svratka. A village located in the center of the Vysocina Region. The name of the Vysocina Region derives from the name of the Ceskomoravska vrchovina (Bohemian-Moravian Highlands), a hilly, undulating countryside situated between the two historical lands of the Czech Republic with many UNESCO sites. Region, where the highest number of cattle is registered and a place you can meet the modern and advanced agriculture.

Let’s celebrate the very special day of the Czech Fleckvieh breeders together and enjoy the traditional hospitality of the Czech people.


Dear EVF friends from all over the Europe, we would like to invite you warmly to the ESF Council Meeting 2018. Discover the Czech Republic: its culture, agriculture, history and present. Find out unexpected aspects of the Czech Republic; a country in the very heart of Europe.



We look forward to meeting you in the Czech Republic!


Yours sincerely



Dr. Josef Kučera

ESF President






September 11, 2018

WG Exterieur participants arrive

10 AM – 12 AM Registration of participants at Hotel Skalský dvůr

2 PM – 6 PM Meeting of the WG Exterieur – part 1

7 PM Dinner, wine tasting


September 12, 2018

ESF Council meeting participants arrive

8 AM – 12 AM WG Exterieur – part 2

10 AM – 12 AM Registration of ESF CM participants at Hotel Skalský dvůr

2:30 PM – 6 PM Council Meeting of the ESF at Hotel Skalský dvůr

7 PM Social evening


September 13, 2018

9 AM – 4 PM National Exhibition “Day of the Czech Fleckvieh” in Radešínská Svratka




Hotel Skalský Dvůr

Lísek 52

593 01 Bystřice nad Pernštejnem



Please return the “Registration and Accommodation Form” no later than on Wednesday August 15, 2018. Please note that late registrations cannot be guaranteed.



Kristýna Skopalová

Czech Fleckvieh Breeders Association

Radešínská Svratka 193

592 33 Radešínská Svratka

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel.: 00420 566 620 968


Registration and accommodation form:



Hugo Pedersen, Vingegard Simmental, Denmark has passed away on June 26th, 2017.

Hugo was one of the pioneers in Danish breeding of Beef Simmental. He was also one of the first in Europe to see the possibilies in polled Simmentals.

People from many countries found their way to Vingegaard, and quite a few of them brought genetics back home, whether it was livestock, embryos or semen, so the breeding jop mady by Hugo Pedersen has influenced on livestock in most of Europe.

Hugo was well known and highly respected in Denmark as well as internationally and he will be missed.

We will all remember him as a dedicated breeder, a good colleague and a true gentlemen.

May he rest in peace!

Henning Hansen

Dansk Simmental



Invitation to the meeting of the Simmental Beef working group / 

Einladung zur Sitzung der Arbeitsgruppe Simmental-Fleckvieh Fleisch


As decided in Berlin last January our next meeting will take place in May 11th and 12th 2017 in Brno, CZ on the exhibition NATUR EXPO BRNO.



Thursday 11. 5. 2017

2:00 – 4:00 p.m. Czech National Beef Championship (judge: Thomas Eydner, DE)

(complete schedule for all beef championships is available there: )


Friday 12. 5. 2017

9.30 – 1:00 p.m. Official meeting of beef simmental working group, room no. P5

(in the same hall as will be the cattle show)

In the afternoon: farm visits (detail according to the interest of participants)


Agenda for the working group meeting:

(open part for everybody)

Dr. Thomas Schmidt, Germany:

“Interbeef, an important tool for the future. Current status and the first across borders results for Simmental.”


Dr. Georg Röhrmoser, ASR manager, Munich:

“Genomic Selection in dual purpose population – can some be exploited for Beef

Simmental population?”


Agenda for the delegates meeting

(A smaller forum with max. 3 delegates per country)

‐ Offer from Donagh Berry, Berlin last January. Shall we proceed, an how?

‐ Next event: Youth camp 2018 in Germany / Czech Republic. Termin, Ort und Inhalt?

‐ Future breed profile, ideas and discussion / Dr. Georg Röhrmoser

‐ Miscellaneous




I hope to meet a lot of breeder colleagues for some pleasant hours, and that we will all find inspiration for the continued improvement of our breed.


Henning Hansen

Chairman of the WG Simmental-Fleckvieh Beef


Einladung an alle Mitglieder und Interessenten der Arbeitsgruppe Fleckvieh-Fleisch!

Invitation to all members and interested persons of the working group Beef Simmental!






The National Show will be held in Herning, Denmark (40 year anniversary Dansk Simmental) July 2nd to 4th, 2015. A meeting of the European WG Beef Simmental will be involved. Attached please find the invitations in English and German. 

All breeders and interessents are invited very warmly!


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