Working programme of the EVF For the period of 2003 – 2005

1) All our aims must serve our members, the breeders of Simmental-Fleckvieh cattle, of which there are around 120.000 in Europe...

1) All our aims must serve our members, the breeders of Simmental-Fleckvieh cattle, of which there are around 120.000 in Europe.

2) Let us be aware of our responsibility in working on the improvement of a cattle breed stock, which is an absolute speciality in regard to performance traits.
Prof. Kräußlich: “The dual-purpose system is ecologically advantageous over the single-purpose system”.
“The Simmental-Fleckvieh is the last genuine dual-purpose breed in the world and
therefore the superiority must be preserved and should be continually improved.”

3) In order to make the best possible use of the size of the population for breeding programmes, the European breeders of Simmental- Fleckvieh should work closer together particularly in the dual-purpose breeding.

4) We should attempt to formulate a common breeding aim for the dual-purpose system.

5) We should proceed more or less according to the same basic criteria: e.g. type traits (exterieur), point systems, value assessment, models for breeding value estimates, etc.

6) The standardization of the assessment of type traits must be further developed.

7) With ten run- throughs the European test programme has passed the test and the conections between the countries has been improved. In future the data for the harmonization of other traits, like type and meat, should be applied to greater advantage.

8) We must preserve the purity of the breed and capitalize on the breed specific traits.

9) Continuous attention must be paid to the parameters “milk yield” and “milk consistency”
to remain competitive with other breeds.

10) Meat yield and beef quality of the Simmental-Fleckvieh must be maintained, paying
more heed to quality traits (marbling, tenderness, etc.)

11) The superiority of the beef value of Simmental-Fleckvieh (in comparison to one-purpose dairy cows) should show in the price of calves. In some countries this demand has been neglected.

12) Despite the pressure on performance increase in regard to type traits we must take care to keep the breed specific advantages, like very good frame, udder attachment, aptitude for loose housing…)

13) Concerning fitness the advantages of Simmental-Fleckvieh must be upheld: Particular mention should be made of the length of productive life, stability of metabolism, excellent fertility, the low somatic cell count, connected with best udder health. These benefits are directly linked to low expenses for vets and rare need of medication.

14) The importance of the special aptitude of the dual-purpose Simmental-Fleckvieh for ecological production will increase, for which the excellent fitness and health traits are accountable.

15) The genetic breeding of hornless cattle for suckler cow herds should be further developed.

16) The great benefits in regard to hereditary health must be preserved.

17) Countries that are in the process of building up a Simmental-Fleckvieh breed must
be given professional support by the traditional Simmental-Fleckvieh countries.

18) Modern bio-technology (like AI, ET, MAS) can be applied to advance breeding progress, but genetic engineering of the gene must be rejected.

19) Research and science ought to be supported in the service of the development of our breed.

20) Public relations work (media, internet) must be improved to spread international marketing for Simmental-Fleckvieh in Europe and across the world.


With this programme we want to continue the success story of Simmental-Fleckvieh breed.
Essential parts of this programme have been and are being put into practice.
Due to a stricter framework of the new common agricultural policies (GAP) , the enlargement of the European Union, tighter regulations for environment, the protection of animals and
Consumers and the effect on the cost of production , economic efficiency of breeding Simmental-Fleckvieh, we bear great responsibility for our breeders and buyers.
Paying attention to fitness and health, dual-purpose breeding for milk and beef assures profitability also under upcoming conditions of the market.

Simmental-Fleckvieh has future.

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