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Dear Simmental-Fleckvieh Friends, The last WSFF congress in Denmark 2004 elected a new presidium of the World Simmental....



Dear Simmental-Fleckvieh Friends,

The last WSFF congress in Denmark 2004 elected a new presidium of the World Simmental Fleckvieh Federation, which should lead the Federation for the next period.
Let us shortly remind, what are the main principles of the WSFF, what will be the strategy, the preferences and the key points of the newly elected presidium. All our activities should be deri-vate from the main principles of the WSFF, which was defined 30 years ago, by the foundation of the WSFF in Zagreb, Croatia:
· a co-operation between breeder organizations
· the establishment of common breeding rules
· the exchange of information
· the comparability of pedigrees and of test results
· the establishment of guidelines for the acknowledgement of pedigrees
· publicity and promoting the breed on a world wide basis

All of those main principles are valid furthermore; some of them are even more actual than 30 years ago. The establishment of guidelines for the acknowledgement of pedigrees is done so far, we have to work furthermore on the acknowledgement of pedigrees from member organisa-tions\'\'

Establish common breeding rules for both parts- dual purpose and beef - of Simmental-Fleckvieh population all over the world is very close related with the same understanding of the breed standards and breeding philosophy. According to the decision taken during the last coun-cil meeting we will work together on some adjustment and refinement of the breed standard from 1993.

We should pay more attention to the important aspects of Simmental-Fleckvieh breeding, im-plementing new information from several research projects, focused on the quality products, both milk and beef. We should use this information and bring them to our breeding programs.

It is necessary to work close together all over the world and try to promote all advantages of the Simmental-Fleckvieh in both, dual purpose and beef systems, especially in the countries they would like to improve their cattle breeding systems. Due to our big genetic diversity the Sim-mental-Fleckvieh is able to offer excellent quality genetics for milk and beef productions. Any-way some stronger differentiation in both populations is necessary as well. For a useful market-ing strategy we need to clearly declare the terms "Simmental" and "Fleckvieh" in order to make from those two words the same brand name like "Adidas" or "Nike".
The world is gona to be smaller" and the competitions between the breeds is harder. The unique defined product will get the chance to survive and be successful only!

Powerful tool for promotion of the superiority of our breed must be the new designed www pages at the Let the visitors of surprise of the bright spectrum of actual information, regularly updated on this web, let\'s share the work on the web site all over the world.

WSFF is OUR organization, open for all remarks and comments, open for all constructive dis-cussion, open for everybody all over the world, open and working for success of our members.
Let\'s work together for Simmental-Fleckvieh!

Franz-Xaver STÜRZER

Czech Republic




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