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Dear Simmental-Fleckvieh Friends,

The DOG DAYS OF SUMMER have definitely set in across the US and with it comes very little rain and very high temperatures and this year because of all the early rain the humidity has been unbearable. Harvest of crops is in full swing in the Southern US and due to heavy rains corn & soybean harvest will be delayed in the central part of the US. Hay in some areas has been good while in others the lack of rain has diminished production substantially even in areas of Canada. The rains that usually come in June and July in Mexico did not come so they are reaching a critical time along with some areas in Australia and Nadia that are in some of the worst droughts in history. It does seem that the Simmental Fleckvieh breeders are being able to hold on at the present time and that the cattle are doing well which speaks volumes for the Fleckvieh breed.

All reports from the ICAR meeting, that Bruce Holmquist attended for the WSFF, were very successful and shows held in Europe, Australia, Mexico, Canada Central and South America and state fairs in the US have seen record numbers of visitors and the representation of Simmental cattle have been well received by those in attendance. I would like to thank Bruce for making the time for this event and representing the WSFF.

The Costa Rican Association have put together a nice program for the Conference of America’s and the technical meetings as well. The WSFF Board will meet during that time to make plans for the next Congress to be held in Austria in 2020.

Hope to see all of you in Costa Rica and for sure in Austria in 2020.

For more information please visit the Conference web site:

On another note the United States Department of Agriculture is nearing completion on the complete sequencing of a Fleckvieh Simmental Cow and I will have preliminary information on there progress in about two weeks that I will share with all. The female, that is being sequenced, is a Siegfried daughter out of a Bold, Hackenburg, Argonne daughter so she is pure Fleckvieh and this sequencing will be public knowledge when completed.


Fred Schuetze

WSFF President