Simbrah World Wide

The Simbrah Sub-Committee of the World Simmental Fleckvieh Federation (WSFF) under chairmanship of Mr Peter Massmann (South Africa) , met for the first time in Hungary in September 1999 to discuss the world wide recognition of the Simbrah breed. The following recommendations by this committee were approved by the WSFF Council:
  • Breeds which are known under the following names in their country of origin shall be recognised as Simbrah by WSFF: Simbrah (USA, Australia and Mexico), Simbra (South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe) and Simbrasil (Brazil).
  • Simbrah is declared as a breed by the WSFF.
  • Representation on the WSFF Council will be through the National Simmental or Simmental/Simbra Breed Association.
  • The Simbrah breeding programs and registration requirements drawn up by experts in various countries and submitted in September 1999 to the WSFF Simbrah Sub-committee are approved by the said committee.
  • Flexibility in the registration of foreign Simbrah genetics is advised. The breed association of the importing country will determine in which herd book section or grade imported genetics will be registered.
  • Approval of the first World Simbrah Forum in September/October 2000 in Namibia

What is THE SIMBRAH"? - go for description by By Peter Massmann, former chairman of the World SF Federation Simbrah Committee. Go to the download section for DESCRIPTION OF THE SIMBRA in Southern Africa and DISCRIMINATIONS AND DISQUALIFICATIONS (depending on degree of deviation) AT INSPECTION.
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