Presentations from the Congress 2018


Dr. Wade Shafer - Executive Vice-President, American Simmental Association

“Vision of the Future...Glimpse of the Past”

Dr. Bruce Golden - Co-Founder, CEO & President Theda Solutions, LLC

“The Design of BOLT for Multi-Breed Single Step Genetic Evaluations Enhanced with Genomics”

Joe Paschal, PhD - Professor & Extension AgriLife, Livestock Specialist

“Education on Use of Genomic Enhanced Single Step EPD’s for selection”

Jon Paterson, PhD - Emeritus Professor – Montana State University; Territory Manager, Neogen/Geneseek

“Searching for Cows that Consistently Make Money for the Rancher

Mr. Matt Barten - Embruon, LLC, Salina, Kansas

“Technological Advancement in Genomic Testing of Embryo’s Prior to Freezing and Implantation to Enhance Genetic Superiority “

Mark Allan, PhD - Director of Marketing & Genomics, Trans Ova Genetics, Sioux City Iowa

“Development of Local and Global Databases for Genetic Evaluation, What Have We Learned from the Dairy Industry ”